Roasted Beans

We roast 5 days a week, to ensure the freshness of our coffee beans. We have 200gr and 1kg pouch sizes of coffee beans from 9 single origins, Sumatran’s and Java’s Luwak Coffee, JCH house blend, and of course our special variant “Si Petung”.

JCH Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop is the center of our operation, where we roast and serve our coffee. The only way to make sure we can deliver the full experience of our coffee to our customers is opening our door to them. And most our customer are our friends now.

Coffee Consulting

One of the ways to ensure that most of people getting good quality coffee is to spreading the knowledge and know-how of coffee producing and serving. Our coffee chief has been in the coffee industry more than 12 years, experienced in green beans sourcing, roasting, barista training, and setting up and managing coffee shops.